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Parenting brings its very own unique challenges to any relationship.

Are you finding that you are in need of a new strategy to parent your child? Are you and your partner arguing about how to parent? Has your child hit a new age bracket where what used to work doesn’t anymore? Let’s figure out the problem and the solutions and together create a parenting plan unique to you and your child.

Parenting brings its very own unique challenges to any relationship. In a society where we seem to always be trying to be perfect it’s important to know that you cannot be a perfect parent. There are many different stages of parenting and each one contains joys and challenges. When the challenges begin to make the joys hard to see it might be time to get some help.

Perhaps you are entering into a new relationship and you and your partner are blending your families into one. This can be difficult! What role do you want your partner to play in parenting your child? What role do you want to play in parenting your partner’s child? Where do the other parents fit in? How can you transition to different sets of rules and expectations and merge them into one functioning unit? Lots of questions; I can help you find the answers.

Maybe, you are entering a brand new stage of parenting and what used to work no longer is effective. This can often be the case with tweens or adolescents or even with young adult children who are learning to “adult” (they still live with you while trying to learn to be independent). Regardless of the age, tried and true strategies may not work…you may need to learn new strategies and ways to talk to your child.

Perhaps you are brand new to the parenting world and it is overwhelming! Everything has changed. You no longer have the same time for each other, you are sleep deprived and postpartum depression and/or anxiety may be creating even more stress for you both. Navigating these new waters can be tricky. Learning ways to cope and preserve your relationship while you create your new family unit builds a solid foundation moving forward to the joys of toddler hood, tweens and adolescence. Let’s work together to get your relationship back on track in your new role as parents.

Regardless of the issue that is arising in the vocation of parenthood; it can cause havoc within the family as a whole as well as the relationships that exist between individuals in the family. When arguing and fighting seems to be becoming your most common method of communicating either with your partner or with your child it might be time to develop new strategies. So, what can you expect from therapy for parenting? Good question! Together we will determine what you want your family values to be. The most important things you want to teach your children. We will then find new ways to communicate those values to your children; beginning with your own modelling of those values. We will develop a parenting plan that is concrete and comprehensive. Let’s try to plan for the unexpected. But when all else fails, you can check your parenting strategies by reflecting with one another on your family values.

Parenting plans are:

  • Unique to each set of parents
  • Flexible and clear
  • Values-driven
  • Beliefs and strategies for discipline and consequences
  • Coping strategies for unexpected circumstance
  • Create a parenting team that you can count on

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

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