LAURA D'ANDREA, Registered Provisional Psychologist

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl

I will listen to your story and help you to see the resiliency that you already possess but might simply be hidden. I believe that change can only occur in therapy once a safe, genuine, and caring relationship is created between client and therapist; and I will spend my time building this authentic connection with you. My goals are to help you accept your own story and to move through what is blocking you from a more fulfilling and enriched life. I love this work because I get to journey alongside people through their successes and through their struggles.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Applied Psychology) at Concordia University of Edmonton and my Master of Counselling at City University of Seattle. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1. I like to use techniques from narrative therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy, and brief psychodynamic therapy.

I take a client-centered approach and I will meet you where you are at – because you really know yourself best. I tend to view things from a depth perspective, which means that I like to help you recognize, understand, and accept what is at the core of your struggles. I apply this perspective to a variety of issues including substance use, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and self-esteem problems.

Choosing to engage in this process can be a very difficult decision, but I will be honored to stand by you through it.

A few things about me:

  • I love animals, and in particular, my sweet pup who always keeps me on my toes and I love every minute of it.
  • I love being in the mountains, whether it is camping in the summer or snowboarding in the winter, I find it extremely rejuvenating and grounding.
  • Since finishing grad school, I have found a true joy in reading, and I thoroughly enjoy spending a day curled up on the couch reading with my pup

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