TABITHA MACPHERSON, Registered Provisional Psychologist

“Vulnerability sounds like the truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” – Brene Brown

I recognize that seeing a therapist can be scary. The idea of becoming vulnerable by sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings is hard. Allowing me to join alongside you on your journey through therapy is a very honouring and rewarding experience. I enjoy celebrating in the steps and milestones that occur throughout your journey. The psychology environment provides a non-judgemental, safe, and encouraging space where, together, you are able to see that change is possible!

I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University in Vancouver, BC. I work from a humanistic perspective which involves discovering the root of the problem. This is done through exploring your frame of reference to the world, understanding how your experiences shape your perception, and the lens in which you see yourself. I incorporate attachment theory, positive psychology, mindfulness, and aspects of systems therapy. I have training in cognitive behavioral therapy which involves challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, narrative approaches which involves evaluating stories we develop about ourselves, and compassionate inquiry which explores what is underneath the way we portray ourselves to the world.

I come from a primary healthcare setting where I have been given the opportunity to work with a variety of presenting problems in adults and adolescents.

A little about me:

  • I believe my second calling is to be a chef, I LOVE to cook!
  • I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
  • I have an interest in the legal/forensic world – you will often find me reading up on that.

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