..the result of a variety of working experiences in the field of psychology...

Reframed Psychological was first dreamt of in 2014 but it wasn’t a reality until February, 2015. It is incredibly hard to think of names that are meaningful, catchy and not taken! We love the name as it matches how we view change. Circumstances are what bring clients to therapy and we then help them to process them to see them in a different light; they are Reframed!

Reframed is the result of a variety of working experiences in the field of psychology in both public and private settings. We have taken the opportunity to create a psychological clinic that facilitates client growth according to their goals.

The vision of Reframed is to ensure that client goals and desired outcomes are the primary focus. This vision is achieved by hiring psychologists who are passionate about their work and their continued development to be highly trained and educated in the areas they choose to focus on in their practice.

Our entire team, from the receptionist who welcomes you to the psychologists that work for us, is focused on ensuring that every client’s’ experience is as professional and satisfying as possible. We look forward to seeing you at our Windermere psychologist office. 

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