We offer psychoeducational assessments to children and youth ages 6-16. Psychoeducational assessments are often suggested by a child’s school when they are struggling academically or behaviourally. These assessments can be completed at the school, however,  the wait can be long. Some families choose to pursue the assessment through a private practice in order to have the results in a more timely manner.

Assessments are conducted in order to answer a specific question that addresses the struggles that the student is demonstrating. During the assessment process a variety of instruments may be used to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Psychoeducational assessments may be used to assist in diagnosing a variety of issues including learning disabilities, giftedness or behavioural struggles such as ADHD. A psychoeducational assessment may also be required in order to be able to access the services of a specialist.

Following the assessment, your psychologist will write a report that explains the results of the assessment and they will schedule a meeting with you (the caregiver) to discuss the report and any recommendations. It is also possible to schedule meetings with your child’s school if that is necessary.

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