Grieving is a natural process which can be present as a result of many types of losses.

When we become stuck in our grief and are unable to move forward it can become more difficult and complicated to manage. There are different types of losses that we find ourselves struggling to cope with and move through the grieving process.

Relationship losses are significant and are most often what we think of when we are discussing grief and loss. These losses include the death of a significant person in our lives (including pets), the ending of a relationship, whether a friendship or a committed relationship that has ended in separation and/or divorce.

Personal losses, such as loss of a job, a home or one’s health can create the need to grieve. These losses can be just as significant as a relationship loss and the grieving process is very similar.

Unacknowledged losses are those losses that we suffer but potentially do not feel that we can discuss them publicly or have support from family and friends. This may include but it not limited to, struggles with infertility, miscarriage, or moving to a new community. These are not often discussed publicly and can leave a person feeling that they have to grieve alone.

Grief Counselling can:

  • Help you move through your loss in order to make sense of it and move forward.
  • Help you accept the new reality of your life after a loss.
  • Help you to feel joy, happiness, once you have moved through the difficult and complicated emotions associated with grief (sorrow, anger, numbness and guilt, to name a few).
  • Help you to find ways to treasure the memories you have of a loved one who has passed away.

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