Emotionally Focused Therapy Edmonton

What is EFT Therapy?

EFT has emerged as one of the leading therapeutic models for couples therapy. It is based on attachment theory. The concept of EFT is that secure attachment is the desire and frankly a biological need for all people. EFT focuses on creating and strengthening this secure bond between partners by fostering an adult loving relationship.

How Does It Work?

Patterns of conflict and struggle between a couple are repaired and new patterns that are based on a more secure attachment emerge and the relationship can become stronger.  EFT acknowledges the importance of emotions, especially the emotions that are beneath the anger and the conflict, and these become the focus of therapy to develop those positive patterns and healthier connections. Couples learn to identify their current unhelpful cycles and learn a new way to communicate with one another that strengthens the bond or connection between the two people. A new more helpful and more connected cycle emerges allowing a couple to find new ways to manage conflict when it occurs.

What can be treated with EFT?

EFT originally was created to work with couples who are struggling with issues like communication difficulties, relationship injuries, infertility, sexual problems, frequent arguments and situations where one or both of the partners present with depression, PTSD, or chronic illness. Basically any struggle that a couple is coping with may be addressed with EFT.

EFT has also expanded to Family therapy and works with the entire family to repair communication breakdowns and rebuild connections that have been lost.

EFT is not appropriate for cases where there is any kind of violence or psychiatric concerns.

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