Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Edmonton

What is ACT?

ACT is a therapy that emerged from Behaviour Therapy. It’s central belief is that people can live fulfilling and enriches lives regardless of their symptoms. Although the goal is not symptom reduction, this is often a product of the therapy.

How Does It Work?

ACT is based on living mindfully in alignment with your values. Russ Harris, the founder of ACT, (2009) points out that ACT assumes that (a) quality of life is primarily dependent upon mindful, values-guided action, and (b) this is possible regardless of how many symptoms you have– provided that you respond to your symptoms with mindfulness. ACT believes that people will have struggles and difficulties in their lives and that this is normal. The problem becomes our negative self-talk and undesired memories and thoughts arise and can overwhelm people. Alleviating pain occurs through the process of living mindfully and in accordance with your values.

What can be treated with ACT?

As with many modalities, ACT can treat a variety of mental health concerns. Some of these issues are stress, test anxiety, social anxiety disorder, depression and OCD. It has also been useful in the treatment of chronic pain, substance abuse and other chronic medical conditions.

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