EMDR Therapy Edmonton

What is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing?

EMDR is a therapy that was developed to assist in the treatment of trauma and PTSD.

How Does It Work?

Trauma that has not been processed correctly continues to cause distress in the body and in the brain. It has the ability to be debilitating and there are many symptoms that people try to manage. EMDR is a body based treatment that integrates the traumatic memories into a person’s more adaptive or positive memories. These new links are thought to result in new learnings, elimination of emotional distress, and new insights. EMDR can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as one aspect of a treatment plan.

What can be treated with EMDR?

EMDR was originally designed to treat PTSD and trauma and continues to be an excellent mode of therapy for these issues. EMDR can also be used to treat phobias, anxiety and depression.

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