JULIE CURLEY, Registered Psychologist

“We know what we are but not what we may be.”
-Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

If you are looking for a psychologist who can see you for who you are and the possibilities that lie before you, even if you cannot, then you have come to the right place.

I consider my work with clients to be such an honour! They entrust their challenges and vulnerabilities with me in order to the two of us to work in a partnership to help them to see and attain the possibilities that could exist in their life. That trust is the very definition of privilege and the rewards of witnessing the change and the transformation in clients are truly satisfying. I have a wide range of experience with individuals, couples, and families dealing with a variety of issues. This diverse experience has allowed me to watch clients embrace the enormous change that can occur within people who are struggling and often may not be able to see their path forward.

My work focuses on people’s connections with themselves (how they see themselves as a person) and with others, using Attachment Theory. Very often when we have struggles to connect we then find that we experience a variety of issues from depression, to anxiety to personality struggles. By repairing and learning how to better connect, people are able to regulate their emotions in a healthier manner and find that they can attain their goals and dreams. Working with my clients to tailor their therapy to their needs is an essential part of the process and more often than not it requires a blending of different modalities to truly meet client goals. Check out my methods and trainings page if you would like to learn more.

I’m also trained to provide psychoeducational assessments for children ages 6-16. Psychoeducational assessments help determine if there is a learning disability or a behavioural or mood disorder. (anxiety, ADHD, etc.). These assessments provide a window into how children and adolescents are functioning within their different environments, including both school and home. The information that can be learned from an assessment is far more than an IQ and numbers, it provides information that can create successful learning environments, both in school and at home, and can lessen frustration for educators and parents.  I wish that I had known more about this when I was a classroom teacher!

I have a special interest in relationship issues and trauma. I enjoy working with people who are struggling in their relationships, whether that is as individuals, couples or families. The relationship dynamics that people find themselves in is often a pattern that can be interrupted, changed and significantly improved. With healthy, happy relationships people lead healthier more satisfied lives. Using a blend of two very well respected methods, Gottman and Emotion-Focused Therapy, I tackle the practical side of building relationships along with the important work of creating strong, secure connections. Let’s face it, all people want to connect, to feel like they belong and when people struggle with relationships they are lonely and find that they are grieving what they do not have.

Trauma is another area that I have a special interest in. The impact that trauma has on a person’s psychological and physiological functioning is tremendous. Being able to assist clients in processing their trauma and being able to function more effectively in their daily lives is an exciting component of my practice. It requires patience, empathy, and solid training. When working with trauma I utilize mindfulness activities in order to help clients to be in the present moment and be able to ground themselves, this is a small component of a therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, which helps clients to be able to find their way out of unhelpful thought patterns. Additionally, I am trained in and utilize EMDR, which is an evidence-based therapy for trauma. I find this work to be especially challenging and rewarding.

So…that tells you about my work and passion in the world of psychology. Now…how about me as a person? I am a proud mom of two lovely adult children and I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with them. I enjoy reading for both knowledge and the occasional escape from reality. I love being with friends, either for coffee, dinner/lunch or chatting on the phone.

Ok… enough about me, I’m curious and excited to hear about you!

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