Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Edmonton

What is CBT?

CBT is a goal-oriented approach to therapy with a goal of changing a person’s patterns of thinking or behaviour that are the cause of people’s difficulties. This change in thinking and behaviour changes how people feel. It is used to treat a wide-range of issues and has been studied extensively.

How Does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Work?

CBT works by changing a client’s attitude and their behaviour by focusing on thoughts and beliefs that they hold and how these related to the way they then deal with emotional problems. This type of therapy emphasizes the important of the meaning we personally place on things and how our thinking patterns (helpful or unhelpful) develop in childhood. It then adds in behavioural therapy that focuses on the relationship between our problems, our behaviour and our thoughts.

What can be treated with CBT?

CBT is evidence based and is considered a “gold standard” of treatment for many presenting mental health concerns. Some of these concerns include anxiety, OCD, depression, interpersonal difficulties, low self-esteem, panic disorder, phobias, insomnia or sleep disturbances.

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