Edmonton Anxiety Counselling

Do you avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable?

Anxiety is a normal emotion, it helps us to interpret situations to ensure that we are in a safe environment, however, anxiety can become a problem when it begins to be present more often than it is absent. Anxiety presents itself not only with psychological symptoms but also physiological symptoms, often called panic attacks. If you are wondering whether or not you are trying to manage with anxiety you may want to consider:

  • Are you finding that you worry about anything and everything? (Money, health, school or work success, family, to name a few)
  • Are you finding reasons to not meet new people or experience new things?
  • Do you ever feel like your heart is beating too quickly, you find it difficult to catch your breath and/or your face feels hot?
  • Do you need lots of reassurance from people?
  • Is it difficult to make a decision or complete a task because you fear making a mistake?
  • Do you have any specific phobias?

Working with a therapist can help you to determine how to manage your anxiety and determine the underlying causes of your anxiety. Although no one can promise you’re a life free from anxiety your life can certainly be less weighed down by anxiety that is unhelpful.

Your psychologist at Reframed will help you by:

  • Learning strategies to ground yourself in order to not disappear into looping thoughts or catastrophic thinking.
  • Teach you mindfulness strategies to remain in the present rather than worrying about the past or the future.
  • Creating positive coping skills and strategies for problem-solving.
  • Help you to learn skills that provide you with tools to enter into unfamiliar situations with more confidence.

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.”

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