Edmonton Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) Psychologists

Do you OR your children struggle with focus and concentration? Do you or your children struggle with time management?

ADHD can often go undiagnosed, especially if it presents as inattentive. Many adults find that they are struggling to be successful at work; many parents are mystified by what the barrier to their child’s success could possibly be. Determining whether ADHD might be at play opens up the potential for learning new strategies that can help to manage the symptoms of ADHD and demystify the barriers.

Signs of Attention Deficit Disorder:

  • Fidget often; struggle to sit still
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Often described as overly talkative
  • Hard to wait your turn (this may look at being interruptive in conversations)
  • Impulsive actions
  • Struggle with organization
  • Time management difficulties
  • Moody
  • Easy to anger

Counselling for ADHD can:

  • Provide you and/or your child with strategies to help to manage the symptoms of ADHD
  • Build self-esteem if the symptoms of ADHD have led to struggling to be successful
  • Provide skills to be able to regulate emotional outbursts
  • As a parent of a child with ADHD, you and your child can learn strategies that can bring more peaceful interactions into your home.

Formal assessment of ADHD is also a service provided at Reframed. An assessment will help to rule out or confirm suspected learning disorders and can provide a diagnosis of ADHD. An assessment will provide you with many recommendations to utilized both at home and at school/work. It is strongly recommended to have a discussion with the psychologist to determine if an assessment would be appropriate or beneficial to you or your child. An assessment is not required to engage in counselling for ADHD. A diagnosis can provide the information required by your doctor if medication is a consideration.

Why Reframed?

At Reframed we have psychologists who can provide the formal assessment of ADHD if that is what is required. We also have therapists who work with children, and their parents, after a diagnosis of ADHD. Additionally, we have therapists who work with adults who either have a diagnosis of ADHD or who are undiagnosed but are struggling with the symptoms of ADHD.

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