CHANTEL MCEVOY, Registered Psychologist

"I know people can change-right down to my bones, through every cell, in every fiber of my body-I know that people can change. It is just a question of when and in what context."
- Virginia Satir -

I love the work that I do. I love learning about what makes you thrive, and helping you discover what you truly want to see come to life within you. When people hear what I do for work, they often say something along the lines of “That must be challenging/hard/sad”. At times, my work can certainly be challenging, but it’s also an immense privilege to sit with my clients and hear their stories. It’s incredible to see their progress and growth, and witness all the ways they feel connected. Though there are moments of sadness and pain, there’s also beauty in the joy, growth, and connection my clients experience.

I work with couples and adult individuals. Therapy takes trust, and vulnerability. I strive to create a space for my clients where we can be open, honest, and work towards your goals at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

I enjoy working with couples, no matter how long you’ve been together. Sue Johnson says: Underneath all the distress, partners are asking each other: Will you respond to me when I need, when I call? Do I matter to you? Am I valued and accepted by you? Do you need me, rely on me?  I want to help you connect meaningfully in your relationships, to feel seen, heard, cared for, and connected with your partner.  I’ve studied Gottman Therapy, and Emotionally-Focused therapy, which are grounded in deepening and strengthening our connection to our partner. We can learn skills and work through tough issues and hurts of the past to increase the quality of your relationship.

I also work with adult individuals. Ultimately, I want to help you feel at home within yourself. I believe you are your own best expert. I work from a variety of approaches, including Satir Family Systems. Together, we can uncover what you truly value in life, and better understand who you are. I want to help you align your decisions and behaviors with what you value, feel, and desire.

I see huge growth and changes when clients stay invested in therapy outside of our sessions, so I’m happy to send handouts, book suggestions, videos, or podcasts to help your continued growth, if that’s your cup of tea.

I hold an Honors, Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology from Trinity Western University. I also specialize in perinatal mental health, and maternal health. If you’ve experienced the loss of a pregnancy or a traumatic birth, You may have loved ones who have no idea what you’ve experienced, and you may feel isolated and alone in your experience. We can navigate this together, and all the complexities of how you feel and how it impacts your relationships.

Lastly, a little about myself. Therapy is so personal, and I only think it’s fair I share a little about who I am with you:

  • I’ve lived in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, France, Vancouver, and I’m glad to now call Edmonton home. I love playing sports, particularly playing and coaching soccer, and I’m working towards becoming a referee for Roller Derby.
  • I’m a foodie and a tea enthusiast. You can usually catch me cooking an elaborate meal in the kitchen for loved ones, or at farmers markets in the summer.
  • Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year, and I love carving pumpkins.

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